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Transportation Acronym Guide

NOTE: The dictionary is composed of Transportation Expressions and Transportation Acronym Guide which were both published in 1996.

This dictionary presents over 6,000 terms and acronyms related to transportation. The terms and acronyms were obtained from various transportation publications and databases which exist within the federal government, private organizations, Canada and Mexico. The Source Index lists the sources used to compile this dictionary.

Search Tips

  • Sources are listed in parenthesis after the definition.
  • None of the searches are case sensitive. Searching for PEDESTRIAN will produce the same results as searching for pedestrian.
  • The Dictionary searches for the word, phrase or acronym as it is entered and returns all records that match or contain that word, phrase or acronym. For example, searching for pedestrian will return records for pedestrian and pedestrian walkway.
Updated: Sunday, May 21, 2017