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Journal of Transportation and StatisticsVolume 2 Number 2

Journal of Transportation and Statistics - Volume 2, Number 2

Journal of Transportation and Statistics
Volume 2 Number 2

December 1999
ISSN 1094-8848

NOTES: The views presented in the articles in this journal are those of the authors and not necessarily the views of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. All material contained in this journal is in the public domain and may be used and reprinted without special permission; citation as to sources is required.

The Journal of Transportation and Statistics has been discontinued by BTS because of budget constraints. Papers are therefore no longer being accepted or considered for publication. BTS hopes to bring the Journal back as a virtual publication in the future, and will post any news about the status of JTS on this page.

Table of Contents File Formats
Entire Report
Editorial Board
Front Matter
Letter to the Editor
Paper 1 - The Structure of Public Transit Costs in the Presence of Multiple Serial Correlation by Patrick McCarthy, Matthew Karlaftis, and Kumares Sinha
Paper 2 - On the Measurement and Valuation of Travel Time Variability Due to Incidents on Freeways by Harry Cohen and Frank Southworth
Paper 3 - California Vehicle License Fees: Incidence and Equity by Jennifer Dill, Todd Goldman, and Martin Wachs
Paper 4 - Freight Demand Characteristics and Mode Choice: An Analysis of the Results of Modeling with Disaggregate Revealed Preference Data by Fei Jiang, Paul Johnson, Christian Calzada
Research Note - Comparing International Crash Statistics by Joseph M. Tessmer
Guidelines for Manuscript Submission, Instructions to Authors
Reviewers (September 1,1998 - October 1, 1999)
Index (Volumes 1 -2)
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