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Theodore Younglove, Carrie Malcolm, Thomas D. Durbin, Matthew R. Smith, Alberto Ayala + Sandee Kidd
Unregistration Rates for On-Road Vehicles in California

Marjan Simoncic
A Bayesian Network Model of Two-Car Accidents

S. Harnen, R. S. Radin Umar, S. V. Wong, + W. I. Wan Hashim
Development of Prediction Models for Motorcycle Crashes at Signalized Intersections on Urban Roads in Malaysia

Janice Lent
Effects of Extreme Values on Price Indexes: The Case of the Air Travel Price Index

Byron Gaejewski + Laurence R. Rilett
Estimating Link Travel Time Correlation: An Application of Bayesian Smoothing Splines

Victor Muchuruza + Renatus N. Mussa
Speeds on Rural Interstate Highways Relative to Posting the 40 mph Minimum Speed Limit

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America's Freight Transportation Gateways: Connectiong Our Nation to Places and Markets Abroad, a New Report by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics

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