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Call for Papers - Special Issue on Transportation Investment

Call for Papers - Special Issue on Transportation Investment

In conjunction with the national conference on Transportation and Economic Development (TED 2006) to be held in Little Rock, Arkansas, on March 29 and 30, 2006, the editors of the Journal of Transportation and Statistics are planning a special issue on transportation investment. We invite submissions relating to any mode of transportation, with an emphasis on economic and statistical models generating policy-relevant results. We are interested in papers dealing with longer term planning, particularly those focusing on safety, infrastructure, environmental, or economic issues, but we will consider other areas.

All papers will be peer reviewed. Please refer to the journal or visit the website (www.bts.gov/jts, and scroll to Guidelines for Manuscript Submission) for editorial requirements. Authors are encouraged to submit an abstract via the registration website for TED 2006 and present your work at the conference. Information on TED 2006 is available at http://www.ted2006-littlerock.org. The cut-off date for submitting completed manuscripts for publication consideration is Apr. 7, 2006. Please send one hardcopy or electronic copy of your paper to Professor Yao, to whom all correspondence should be directed as well (see contact information below). The tentative publication date of this special issue is early 2007.

Editors of the Special Issue

Cletus C. Coughlin
Vice President and Deputy Director of Research
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
St. Louis, MO
Phone: (314) 444-8585
Email: coughlin@stls.frb.org

Randall W. Eberts
Executive Director
W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research
Kalamazoo, MI
Phone: (269) 343-5541
Email: eberts@upjohninstitute.org

Vincent W. Yao (Corresponding Editor)
Senior Research Economist and Director
Transportation and Logistics Program
Institute for Economic Advancement
University of Arkansas
Little Rock, AR 72204
Phone: (501) 569-8453
Email: wxyao@ualr.edu

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