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DAVID BANKS - Duke University

KEN BUTTON - George Mason University

DAVID CEBON - University of Cambridge

STEPHEN FIENBERG - Carnegie Mellon University

GENEVIEVE GIULIANO - University of Southern California

JOSÉ GOMEZ-IBAÑEZ - Harvard University

DAVID GREENE - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

MARK HANSEN - University of California at Berkeley

DAVID HENSHER - University of Sydney

PETER NIJKAMP - Free University

KEITH ORD - Georgetown University

DON PICKRELL - U.S. Department of Transportation

ALAN PISARSKI - Consultant

ROBERT RAESIDE - Napier University

ROGER SCHAUFELE - U.S. Department of Transportation

JOE SCHOFER - Northwestern University

TERRY SHELTON - U.S. Department of Transportation

KUMARES SINHA - Purdue University

STEVE SMITH - U.S. Department of Transportation

ED SPAR - Council of Professional Associations on Federal Statistics

CLIFF SPIEGELMAN - Texas A&M University

TIANJIA TANG - U.S. Department of Transportation

PIYUSHIMITA THAKURIAH (VONU) - University of Glascow


RUI WANG - University of California, Los Angeles

SIMON WASHINGTON - Queensland University of Technology

JACK WELLS - U.S. Department of Transportation

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Updated: Friday, May 19, 2017