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Government Transportation Financial Statistics

The government plays an important role in the U.S. transportation system, both as a provider of transportation infrastructure and an administrator and regulator of the system. The government spends a large amount of funds on building, rehabilitating, maintaining, operating, and administering the infrastructure system. These activities are primarily supported by government revenue generated from several sources including user fees, taxes from transportation and non-transportation-related activities, borrowing, and grants from federal, state, and local governments.

Government Transportation Financial Statistics (GTFS) provides a set of tables with information on transportation-related revenue and expenditures for all levels of government, including federal, state, and local, and for all modes of transportation.  For further discussion of GTFS data, see Transportation Economic Trends (TET) - Chapter 7 - Government Transportation Revenues And Expenditures.

All of the GTFS data is available at GTFS Data. Below includes a table by table description and a link to download via excel. 

Transportation Revenue and Expenditure by Mode. (Table 1A - Current Dollars,  Table 1B - Real Dollars)

Government revenues and expenditures related to transportation, all levels of government and revenue sources combined, by mode of transportation.

Transportation Revenue by Level of Government, Type and Mode. (Table 2A - Current Dollars,  Table 2B - Real Dollars)

Government transportation revenue, broken down between revenue collected by the federal government and those collected by state and local governments, own source revenues collected from transportation activities vs supporting revenue, and by mode of transportation.

Transportation Expenditures by Level of Government and Mode. (Table 3A - Current Dollars, Table 3B - Real Dollars)

Transportation expenditures broken out by whether spent by the federal government or by state and local governments (with transfers from the federal government to state and local governments included in the latter), and by mode of transportation.

Federal Transportation Expenditure by Mode. (Table 4A - Current Dollars, Table 4B- Real Dollars)

Federal government expenditures on transportation, broken out between funds spent directly by the federal government and funds transferred to state and local governments, and by mode of transportation.

The data can also be found in an excel workbook for download at GTFS Workbook Page.

         Related tables can be found in National Transportation Statistics, Section 3.D - Government Finance.


For information on concepts, definitions, and data sources used in GTFS, see Measurement of Government Transportation Financial Statistics 2012

Previously, BTS deflated GTFS current-dollars using the overall Government expenditures and investment price index from the Bureau of Economic Analysis' (BEA) National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA) (Table 3.9.4 Line 1).  Starting with the 2019 publication, the deflation method changed to use more detailed price indexes that better reflect and improve alignment with price movements at the transportation level by government. BTS now uses the government expenditures and investment (by function) price indexes for Federal transportation (NIPA Table 3.15.4 Line 19) and for State & Local transportation (NIPA Table 3.15.4 Line 31) for all chained-dollar tables.  The resulting chained-dollar measures at the overall aggregate level (Federal combined with State & Local) now reflect the use of the Fisher ideal chained quantity index.

For previously releases of GTFS, see  Previous Editions

Updated: Wednesday, February 12, 2020