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Federal Exhaust Emissions Standards for Newly Manufactured Marine Spark-Ignition Outboard, Personal Watercraft, and Jet-Boat Engines


KEY: g = gram; hr = hour; HC = hydrocarbon; hp = horsepower; kW = kilowatt; kWh = kilowatt hour; NOx = nitrogen oxide; yr = year. 

a The standards apply to marine spark-ignition outboard, personal watercraft, and jet-boat engines only. There are currently no federal standards for marine spark-ignition sterndrive/inboard engines (previously proposed standards have not been finalized). Marine compression-ignition engines under 50 hp are covered under the proposed nonroad compression-ignition engine standards. Federal standards are in development for marine compression-ignition engines over 50 hp. 

b P = the average power of the engine family in kilowatts (sales-weighted). 

c As an example, the standards for an outboard engine of 125 hp (just over 93 kW) would be 149.53 g/kWh in 1998, 123.63 g/kWh in 2000, 97.74 g/kWh in 2002, 72.00 g/kWh in 2004, and 46.10 g/kWh in 2006. 

d All emissions standards must be met for the useful life of the engine.

e The standards for personal watercraft did not go into effect until 1999, although the standard went into effect for outboard engines in 1998. 


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