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Table 6: Top 10 Airlines, April 2017

Ranked by Number of Full-Time Equivalent Employees*

RankAirlineTotal FTE EmployeesCarrier Group**Top 10 Airlines April 2016
1American 100,113 NetworkAmerican
2United 82,854 NetworkUnited
3Delta 81,082 NetworkDelta
4Southwest 54,836 Low-CostSouthwest
5JetBlue 17,224 Low-CostJetBlue
6Alaska 12,176 NetworkAlaska
7Envoy 11,361 RegionalEnvoy
8SkyWest 11,081 RegionalSkyWest
9Spirit 5,849 Low-CostExpressJet
10ExpressJet 5,814 RegionalHawaiian
* Full-time Equivalent Employee (FTE) calculations count two part-time employees as one full-time employee.
** See Table 9 for Network, Table 12 for Low-Cost and Table 15 for Regional.

Bureau of Transportation Statistics