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Top 50 Amtrak Stations by Number of Passengers(1)

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StationFY 2013 RankNumber of passengersFY 2014 RankNumber of passengers
New York City (Penn Station), DC19,556,424110,024,474
Washington, DC25,033,39225,028,928
Philadelphia 30th Street, PA34,125,50334,083,704
Chicago, IL43,522,38843,377,259
Los Angeles, CA51,643,70651,551,090
Boston-South Station, MA61,434,14861,491,095
Baltimore, MD81,065,57671,032,527
Sacramento, CA71,132,75081,022,322
Albany-Rensselaer, NY9764,8989781,597
New Haven, CT10745,53010714,146
Wilmington, DE11738,31311704,523
San Diego, CA13686,95312700,107
BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport, MD12710,51313692,268
Newark, NJ15656,82214677,175
Providence, RI14660,26715665,670
Seattle, WA17640,05416626,623
Milwaukee, WI18617,15317596,415
Portland, OR16652,45518585,828
Emeryville, CA19598,85919578,386
Boston-Back Bay, MA23540,77020566,892
Lancaster, PA20578,73121529,409
Bakersfield, CA22546,43922521,423
Harrisburg, PA21571,94023498,995
Boston-North Station, MA24475,44724433,060
Trenton, NJ28425,07525419,477
Oceanside, CA34384,78626412,711
Irvine, CA29425,04127406,451
Stamford, CT33388,73328401,414
Fresno, CA32399,14129389,543
Solana Beach, CA26428,84130384,547
Metropark, NJ35383,35331381,178
Martinez, CA25473,83632359,755
Richmond - Staples Mill, VA37372,59233358,615
Davis, CA30424,11434358,350
St. Louis, MO36378,14635350,866
Fullerton, CA40313,94936336,265
Santa Barbara, CA39322,41037319,245
Oakland, CA31405,62738303,431
Stockton (San Joaquin St.), CA41295,34439292,818
Sanford (Auto Train Station), FL43265,27440274,445
Lorton (Auto Train), VA44265,27441274,445
Bloomington/Normal, IL45263,23542261,631
Anaheim, CA38342,28443254,066
Richmond, CA37372,59244241,962
San Juan Capistrano, CA47242,72245226,515
Hanford, CA48225,70846220,144
San Jose, CA46258,77647210,297
New Orleans, LA49212,42648201,476
San Diego-Old Town, CA76135,74949196,795
Springfield, IL51202,09550194,762
Top 50 stations, total46,490,90645,515,120
United States, all stations62,841,68361,557,072
Top 50 stations as percent of U.S. total74.073.9

Amtrak's fiscal year ends on September 30. Ranking is based on the 2014 data. The total for the top 50 stations in 2013 is not the sum of stations in this table since some of the 2013 top 50 stations are not in the top 50 list in 2014.


1 Includes the number of boarding and alighting passengers (on & off the train). 


National Passenger Railroad Corporation (Amtrak) available at as of June 2015.

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