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Top walk commuting cities by city size: 2010–2014

RankCity typeCityPercent of commuters
1largeBoston, MA14.7
2largeWashington, DC12.4
3largePittsburgh, PA10.9
4largeSan Francisco, CA10.3
5largeNew York, NY10.1
1mediumCambridge, MA24.5
2mediumBerkeley, CA16.2
3mediumColumbia, SC15.5
4mediumAnn Arbor, MI14.7
5mediumProvo, UT12.9
1smallNorth Chicago, IL41.2
2smallIthaca, NY40.7
3smallAthens, OH38.4
4smallState College, PA35.8
5smallOxford, OH28.4

Percent of commuters includes workers originating in the city who walk to work. Large cities: population ≥ 200,000. Medium cities: population 100,000–199,999. Small cities population: 20,000–99,999.


U.S. Census Bureau, 2010–2014 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates, table S0801, available at as of February 2016.