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Train Accident/Incident Injuries, Including at Highway-Rail Crossings, by Category of Person Injured

(Includes freight railroad, Amtrak, and commuter rail operations)


 As defined by the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration, a Trespasser is any person on a part of railroad property used in railroad operations whose presence is prohibited, forbidden, or unlawful.  Employees who are trespassing on railroad property are reported as Trespassers.  Nontrespassers are persons lawfully on that part of railroad property that is used in railroad operation (other than defined as employees, passengers, trespassers, volunteers, or contractor employees), and persons adjacent to railroad premises when they are injured as the result of the operation of a railroad.  "Other" includes employees not on duty, nontrespassers off railroad property, and volunteers or contractors who are not engaged in either the operation of on-track equipment or any other safety-sensitive function for the railroad.


1 Includes railroad employee, contractor, and volunteer.