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Table 7.1 - Model Traffic Safety Policy for Road Sector Development Programmes

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Table 7.1 - Model Traffic Safety Policy for Road Sector Development Programmes

The following guidelines shall apply to all major road rehabilitation projects:

  1. Road signs and markings to be a basic/automatic component of any road rehabilitation project and this will involve updating and not the rehabilitation of existing signs and markings.
  2. Accident analysis will be undertaken on available accident data. Road engineers will liaise with police and make effort to identify local accident pattern. Road engineers should also provide traffic police with strip maps of project road to facilitate future accident location referencing. Additional road accident monitoring (hospitals, community NGOs) should be encouraged to identify all injury road accidents occurring.
  3. Accident costs are to be included in the economic appraisal of a road project.
  4. Safety Audits will be conducted on all major road schemes and low cost remedial measures to be funded at hazardous locations identified by accident analyses or safety audits.
  5. Speed reduction measures will be implemented at locations where rehabilitated roads transect villages. These locations should be identified by the safety audit.
  6. No pedestrian priority crossings to be allowed where operating/posted speed is more than 50 km/hour. Pedestrian facilities are to be appropriate and not misleading.
  7. Education and publicity campaigns will be conducted at all locations warranting speed reduction measures and schools within kilometre of road.
  8. For tender prequalifications, all roadwork contractors must undergo short (1-2 day) training course on traffic management at roadworks.
  9. Technical assistance to Highway patrols and first aid facilities on major highways to be considered.
  10. All safety related reports and materials will be provided to a road safety coordinater and will be shared with the other signees of this policy.