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National Transportation Statistics

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    Recently Updated Tables by Topic:

    Vehicle, Aircraft, and Vessel Inventory

    • U.S. Sales or Deliveries of New Aircraft, Vehicles, Vessels, and Other Conveyances (1-12)
    • New and Used Passenger Car Sales and Leases (1-17)
    • Production, Production Shares, and Production-Weighted Fuel Economies of New Domestic and Imported Light Trucks (1-21)


    • Airport Runway Pavement Conditions (1-25)

    Travel and Goods Movement

    • U.S. Air Carrier Aircraft Departures, Enplaned Revenue Passengers, and Enplaned Revenue Tons (1-37)
    • Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Transported in the United States by Mode (1-61)

    Highway Safety

    • Truck Occupant Safety Data (2-23)
    • Bus Occupant Safety Data (2-24)
    • State Laws on Distracted Driving - Ban on Hand-Held Devices and Texting While Driving (2-25)

    Transit Safety

    • Transit Safety Data by Mode for All Reported Incidents (2-34)

    Water Safety

    • Recreational Boating Safety, Alcohol Involvement, and Property Damage Data (2-47)

    Transportation and the Economy

    • Contributions to U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP): Selected Industries (3-7)

    Transportation Revenues, Employment, and Productivity

    • Labor Productivity Indices for Selected Transportation Industries (3-28)

    U.S. Transportation Section Energy Consumption

    • Overview of U.S. Petroleum Production, Imports, Exports, and Consumption (4-1)
    • U.S. Consumption of Energy from Primary Sources by Sector (4-2)
    • Domestic Demand for Refined Petroleum Products by Sector (4-3, 4-3M)

    Transportation Energy Intensity and Fuel Efficiency

    • Energy Intensity of Passenger Modes (4-20, 4-20M)
    • Energy Intensity of Certificated Air Carriers, All Services (4-21, 4-21M)

    Air Pollution

    • Estimated U.S. Emissions of Carbon Monoxide (4-45)
    • Estimated U.S. Emissions of Nitrogen Oxides (4-46)
    • Estimated U.S. Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (4-47)
    • Estimated U.S. Emissions of Particulate Matter (PM-10) (4-48)
    • Estimated U.S. Emissions of Particulate Matter (PM-2.5) (4-49)
    • Estimated U.S. Emissions of Sulfur Dioxide (4-50)
    • U.S. Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Energy Use by Sector (4-53)

    Water Pollution, Noise, and Solid Waste

    • Number of People Residing in Areas of Significant Noise Exposure Around U.S. Airports (4-57)

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