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National Transportation Statistics

"Screen capture of cover of the NTS 50th anniversary edition p.d.f."The National Transportation Statistics (NTS) is a collection of transportation data first published in November 1971. This year, BTS celebrates the first half-century of NTS with a commemorative publication. This 50th anniversary edition includes links to digitized versions of the entire NTS collection and is the first NTS volume available in print since 2018.

View the 50th Anniversary NTS.

Order the print edition.


Recently Updated Tables by Topic:

Physical Extent

  • System Mileage Within the United States (1-01, 1-01M)

Vehicle, Aircraft, and Vessel Inventory

  • Retail Sales of New Cars by Sector (1-18)
  • Number of U.S. Truck Registrations by Type (1-22b)


  • Class I Railroad Locomotive Fleet by Year Built (1-32)
  • U.S. Flag Vessel by Type and Age (1-34)

Travel and Goods Movement

  • Average Length of Haul, Domestic Freight and Passenger Modes (1-38, 1-38M)
  • Passengers Boarded at the Top 50 U.S. Airports (1-44)
  • Air Passenger Travel Arrivals in the United States from Selected Foreign Countries (1-45)
  • Air Passenger Travel Departures in the United States to Selected Foreign Countries (1-46)
  • Crude Oil and Petroleum Products Transported un the United States by Mode (1-61)