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Class I Railroad Locomotive Fleet by Year Built

Dataset Excel: 

a Disregards year of rebuilding.

b Included in 1970-74 category.

c Includes all locomotives built before 1975.

d Includes locomotives built between 1990-94.

e Included in 1990 category.

f Included in 1975-79 category.

g Includes all locomotives built before 1980.

h Includes locomotives built between 1995-99.

i Included in 1995 category.

j Included in 1980-84 category.

k Includes all locomotives

l Includes locomotives built between 2000-04.

m Included in 2000 category.

n Included in 1985-89 category.

o Includes all locomotives built before 1990.

p Includes locomotives built between 2005-09.

q Included in 2005 category.

r Includes all locomotives built before 1995.

s Included in 1994 category.

t Includes locomotives built between 2010-14.

u Included in 2010 category.


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