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Fatalities and Injuries of On-Duty Railroad Employees

Dataset Excel: 

This table includes information for both freight and passenger railroad operations.


KEY: R = revised.

(a) Train-miles in this table differ from Train-miles in the vehicle-miles table in Chapter 1. Train-miles reported in Chapter 1 include only Class I rail (see glossary for definition), while this table includes Class I rail, Group II rail, and other rail. In 2005, Group II rail accounted for 78 million train-miles, and other rail for 29 million train-miles. Moreover, the vehicle-miles table in Chapter 1 includes only Train-miles between terminals and/or stations, thus excluding yard and switching miles. In 2005, Class I yard/switching train miles totaled 67 million train-miles. Note that commuter rail safety data are reported in the rail mode and in the transit mode. Commuter rail train-miles are included in Class I rail and Group II rail in this table.

(b) A Train-mile is the movement of a train (which can consist of many cars) the distance of 1 mile. A Train-mile differs from a  vehicle-mile, which is the movement of 1 car (vehicle) the distance of 1 mile. A 10-car (vehicle) train traveling 1 mile would be measured as 1 train-mile and 10 vehicle-miles. Caution should be used when comparing train-miles to vehicle-miles.


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