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U.S. Commuter Air Carrier(a) Fatal Accidents by First Phase of Operation

Dataset Excel: 

First Phase of Operation is the part of the flight where the problem leading to the accident first occurs. 


a 14 CFR 135, scheduled operations. Before Mar. 20, 1997, 14 CFR applied to aircraft with 30 or fewer seats. Since Mar. 20, 1997, 14 CFR 135 includes only aircraft with fewer than 10 seats. This change makes it difficult to compare pre-1997 data with more recent years' data.

b Includes instructional flights performing turns and agricultural flights for spraying and buzzing (repeated passes over a particular location).


National Transportation Safety Board, personal communications, Dec. 20, 2010, and Aug. 11, 2011, July 18, 2012,  Aug. 7, 2013, Sept. 24, 2014, and Mar. 23, 2016.