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U.S. Sales or Deliveries of New Aircraft, Vehicles, Vessels, and Other Conveyances

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YearNumber of civilian aircraft (shipments)Transport(a)HelicoptersGeneral aviationHighwayPassenger car (new retail sales)Motorcycle (new retail sales)(b)Truck (factory sales)(c),(d)Bus; includes school bus (factory sales)(d)Recreational vehicle (shipments)Bicycle(e)Transit cars (deliveries)Motor bus(f)Light railHeavy railTrolley busCommuter railClass I rail (deliveries)Freight car(g)LocomotiveAmtrak (deliveries)Passenger train car(h)Locomotive(h)Water transportMerchant vessel(i)Recreational boat(j)
2001526415(R) 2,6318,422,625850,0006,223,586U321,00011,300,00015,9581117511495434,2607107442880,300
20083751,0843,079(R) 6,769,134879,9104,322,861U237,00013,400,00016,019535553621859,95481900U704,820
20094815701,585(R) 5,401,565521,8763,107,426U165,70010,200,00013,7048769015021,68246000U572,520
20104623391,334(R) 5,635,739439,6784,132,193U242,30013,500,00010,264494047716,55225900U517,745
2011477435(R) 1,465(R) 6,089,708440,8994,641,596U252,30011,000,00010,2561400011641,81447300U527,005
2012601486(R) 1,518(R) 7,244,439459,2984,976,954U285,78013,000,0009,8610250170(R) 53,63265800U(R) 546,395

KEY:  N = data do not exist; R = revised; U = data are unavailable.

a U.S.-manufactured fixed-wing aircraft over 33,000 pounds empty weight, including all jet transports plus the 4-engine turboprop-powered Lockheed L-100.

b Includes domestic and imported vehicles. Prior to 1985, all terrain vehicles (ATVs) were included in the motorcycle total. In 1995, the Motorcycle Industry Council revised its data for the years 1985 to present to exclude ATVs from its totals. 2008 and 2009 data are real counts based on reporting manufacturers. Previous years' data are estimates by the Motorcycle Industry Council that include nonreporting manufacturers.

c Includes large passenger or utility vehicles that may be considered cars in other tables.

d Truck sales for 1960 and for 1999 and later include Buses.

e Includes domestic and imported vehicles, wheel sizes 20 inches and over. Data from 1997 onwards are projections.

f Buses or bus-type vehicles only. Includes demand response beginning from 1985. Excludes vanpool vans and most rural and smaller systems prior to 1984. Motor bus numbers in this table are not comparable to the numbers reported in earlier editions due to changes in the methodology by the American Public Transit Association. Transit motor bus figure is also included as part of the bus total in the highway category. Data for Bus and Paratransit are not continuous from 2006 to 2007, please see Methodology, Page iv in 2009 Public Transportation Fact Book Appendix A: Historical Tables  for details.

g Includes all railroads and private car owners.

h Data from 1985 to 1998 are actual deliveries. Data from 1999-2009 are estimates of deliveries given by active equipment by date of manufacture, a close proxy. Data from 1999-2009 exclude non-passenger cars such as auto carriers and switch engines are excluded under locomotives.

i Self-propelled, 1,000 or more gross tons.

j Retail unit estimates. Includes outboard, inboard, and sterndrive boats, jet boats (since 1995), personal watercraft (since 1991), sailboats, canoes, and kayaks (since 2001). Also includes inflatable boats (except 1992 to 2002) and sailboards (until 1990).


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