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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Motor Vehicle Fuel Consumption and Travel (Metric)

Dataset Table:

Year Vehicles registered (thousands) Vehicle-kilometers traveled (millions) Fuel consumed (million liters) Average kilometers traveled per vehicle (thousands) 1
1960 73,858 1,156,735 219,099 15.7 2
1965 90,358 1,428,795 269,160 15.8 3
1970 111,242 1,785,928 349,504 16.1 4
1975 137,913 2,136,668 412,551 15.5 5

Embedded Dataset Excel:

Dataset Excel:



Motor vehicles, fuel consumption and travel data include light duty vehicles, buses, trucks and motorcycles.

Data from 2007 was calculated using a new methodology and data categories of the Highway Statistics series were updated, so the data from 1960-2006 are not comparable. In addition, this edition of table 4-9M is not comparable to editions from 2009 or earlier.

See tables 4-11M, 4-12M, 4-13M, 4-14M, and 4-15M for individual highway vehicles.

1 gallon = 3.785412 liters and 1 mile = 1.609344 kilometers.


KEY: R = revised.


1960-93: U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Highway Statistics Summary to 1995, tables VM-201A, available at as of Mar. 17, 2020.

1994-2018: Ibid., Highway Statistics (Washington, DC: Annual Issues), table VM-1, available at as of Mar. 17, 2020.