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Oil Pipeline Profile

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YearFINANCIAL - Operating revenues, total ($ millions) INVENTORYNumber of FERC-regulated companies Number of employees, pipeline companies(a)Miles of pipeline (statute miles)(b), all lines Crude linesProduct linesPERFORMANCEIntercity ton-miles, total (millions) Crude oil Petroleum productsTons transported (millions) SAFETY Fatalities Injured persons(c)Incidents(d)
1990(R) 7,14915018,500168,36487,85380,511584,100334,800249,3001,598.937180
1995(R) 7,71116115,100177,22493,94383,281601,100335,900265,2001,798.5311188
1996(R) 7,32116014,500169,43589,01480,421619,200338,300280,900U513194
1997(R) 7,215U14,200160,17685,95374,223616,500337,400279,100U05171
1998(R) 6,890U13,800157,23474,60382,631619,800334,100285,700U26153
1999(R) 7,22018413,060154,36169,32385,038617,700321,100296,600U420167
2000(R) 7,483U13,230152,00568,07383,932577,300283,400293,9002,003.714146
2001(R) 7,730U13,680154,87769,66385,214576,100277,000299,1001,864.4010130
2002(R) 7,812U12,360149,61469,06380,551586,200286,600299,6001,862.110(R) 460
2003(R) 7,70419512,500139,90164,33675,565590,200284,500305,7001,846.805(R) 435
2004(R) 8,02019512,840142,20065,94276,258599,600283,700315,9001,860.9516(R) 377
20057,91719713,040131,34846,23471,310607,500293,500314,000U22(R) 369
20068,517U12,770140,86147,61781,103581,300300,500(R) 280,900U02(R) 354
20078,996U13,080147,23546,65885,666557,700266,600291,100U410(R) 331
20089,24419514,220146,82250,21484,914629,900330,700299,200U22(R) 376

The Interstate Commerce Committee regulated oil pipelines in the 1960s and 1970s.

Data for Operating revenue are only for FERC-regulated oil pipeline.


KEY: FERC = Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; N = data do not exist; R = revised; U = data are unavailable.

a Includes companies whose pipelines carry crude petroleum, petroleum products, and nonpetroleum pipeline liquids.

b Mileages of oil pipeline for years 1960-2000 include regulated and unregulated trunk and gathering crude lines, as well as refined oil trunk lines. Beginning in 2001, data include information for FERC-regulated oil pipeline companies only. For years 2005 and after, total miles of pipeline include both trunk and gathering lines, whereas the individual components, namely, crude and product lines, include the mileages of trunk lines only. Thus, details do not add to the total for this period.

c Injured persons does not include the 1,851 injuries that required medical treatment, caused by severe flooding near Houston, Texas, reported for October, 1994.

d The reporting criteria changed in 2002 adding small spills down to 5 gallons. The change was instituted on Feb. 7, 2002. For continuity with past trending, the data from post-2/7/2002 accidents used in the statistical summary includes only accidents meeting the reporting criteria: Accidents with gross loss greater than or equal to 50 barrels; those involving any fatality or injury; fire/explosion not intentionally set; Highly Volatile Liquid releases with gross loss of 5 or more barrels; or those involving total costs greater than or equal to $50,000.



Operating revenues, total:

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Number of FERC-regulated companies:

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Number of employees, pipeline companies:

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Miles of pipeline (statute miles), all lines:

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Intercity ton-miles: 

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Tons transported:

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