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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Waterborne Transportation Safety and Property Damage Data Related to Vessel Casualties

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Dataset Excel:



All deaths and Injuries cited result from Vessel casualties, such as groundings, collisions, fires, or explosions. The data are for all commercial Vessels under U.S. jurisdiction, including U.S. flag Vessels anywhere in the world and foreign flag Vessels within the jurisdiction of the United States (within 12 miles, or having an interaction with a U.S. entity, such as a platform within 200 miles, or a collision with a U.S. ship). Commercial fishing Vessels are included.

For 1992-97, data are obtained from the Marine Safety Management Information System. Between 1998 and 2001, the U.S. Coast Guard phased in a new computer system to track safety data, the Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement System. During this period, data are derived by combining entries in the Marine Safety Management Information System with entries in the Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement System. Data for 2002 and after are from the Marine Information for Safety and Law Enforcement System. Data prior to 1992 come from other sources and may not be directly comparable to the data from later years.


KEY: U = data are not available; R = revised.

aFatalities include the number of people who died or were declared missing subsequent to a marine accident.

bAccidents in this table include the number of "marine casualty cases" reported to the U.S. Coast Guard in accordance with 46 CFR Part 4.05-1.

c More than one Vessel may be involved in a marine Accident. Statistics from 1992 to 2011 include Vessels involved in pollution incidents, which the United States Coast Guard considers to be a Vessel casualty.


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