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U.S. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Attributed to Transportation Functions

(billions of current dollars)

Embedded Dataset Excel:

Dataset Excel:

table_03_03_102623.xlsx (31.76 KB)


KEY: R = revised; U = data are not available.

a The market value of goods and services purchased by U.S. residents, regardless of where those goods and services were produced. It is gross domestic product (GDP) minus net exports of goods and services.

b Exports minus Imports.

c Federal purchases and State and local purchases are the sum of consumption expenditures and gross investment.

d Defense-related purchases are the sum of transportation of material and travel.


U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Economic Analysis, National Income and Product Accounts Tables, tables 1.1.5, 2.4.5, 3.11.5, 3.15.5, 4.1, 4.2.5, 5.4.5, 5.5.5, and 5.7.5B, available at as of Oct. 6, 2023.