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Table 14: Percent of Trips by Access Mode for Long Distance Trips by Public Transportation Mode

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Table 14: Percent of Trips by Access Mode for Long Distance Trips by Public Transportation Mode

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  Access mode
Personal vehicle Standard error Public Transportation Standard error Bike/ Walk Standard error Mulitple Mode Access Standard error Other Standard error Total
Air 74.7 1.22 15.3 1.11 0.2 0.13 9.7 0.73 0.2 0.03 100.0
Bus 66.1 3.23 14.3 2.24 10.4 2.57 8.7 1.77 0.6 0.38 100.0
Train 54.2 8.58 12.7 3.66 12.8 5.35 20.4 5.84 0.0 0.00 100.0
Other 33.8 12.92 38.7 13.30 0.0 0.00 23.7 10.71 3.8 4.07 100.0
Total 71.2 1.32 15.1 0.93 3.1 0.69 10.3 0.78 0.3 0.09 100.0

NOTES: Only trips for which long distance transportation mode and access mode can be determined are tabulated.

Row and column totals may not add to 100 percent due to rounding.

Underlined estimates are based on a small sample size (<30) and are not reliable.

Percentages for shaded cells on the same row are not statistically different, except for the following comparisons: Bus, public transportation and multiple mode access; "Other", personal vehicle and other, public transport and bike/walk, public transport and other. However, all data for "other" long distance modes is based on too small of a sample to be reliable.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation, Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Federal Highway Administration, National Household Travel Survey, long-distance file, 2001 (Washington, DC)