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The Bureau of Transportation Statistics Priorities for the Future

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics Priorities for the Future

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics
Priorities for the Future


Table of Contents File Formats
Entire Report PDF
Panel on Statistical Programs And Practices of the Bureau of Transportation Statistics  
Committee on National Statistics 1996-1997  
Transportation Research Board Executive Committee 1996-1997  
Executive Summary  
The Need for Improved Transportation Statistics  
Assessing BTS  
Focusing on Quality  
Ensuring Relevance  
Building an Agency  
1 Introduction  
Methods of Study  
The Report  
A Note on Reauthorization Legislation  
2 History and Assessment of BTS  
Transportation Data Programs in Historical Perspective  
Assessing BTS  
3 Focusion on Data Quality  
Dimensions of Quality  
Quality Standards  
Documenting Data Quality  
Data Evaluation and Improvement  
4 Ensuring Relevance  
Dimensions of Relevance  
A Vision of a Comprehensive Transportation Data System  
A BTS Implementation Plan  
Ensuring Relevance: Transportation Indicators  
Coordination of Data Collection and Filling Gaps  
Identifying User Needs  
Analysis Programs  
5 Building an Agency  
Ensuring Independence  
Building Trust  
Attaining Leadership  
Acronyms Used in the Report  
A The Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991: References to The Bureau of Transportation Statistics  
B Selected Statistical Agencies and Programs  
C Principles and Practices for a Federal Statistical Agency: How BTS Compares  
D Improving National Transportation Statistics: Airline Safety as a Case Study  
E Descriptions of CD-ROM Products on the BTS Web Site  
F Integrating Data and Filling Gaps: The Case of Household Travel  
G Biographical Sketches  
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