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Monday, July 2, 2012


U.S. Department of

Norman Y. Mineta

Kirk K. Van Tine
Deputy Secretary

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Rick Kowalewski
Deputy Director

Mary J. Hutzler
Associate Director for Statistical Programs

William J. Chang
Associate Director for Information Systems

U.S. Department of

Donald L. Evans

Theodore W. Kassinger
Deputy Secretary

Economics and Statistics Administration

Kathleen B. Cooper
Under Secretary for Economic Affairs

U.S. Census Bureau

Charles Louis Kincannon

Hermann Habermann
Deputy Director and Chief Operating Officer

Principal Associate Director for Programs

Frederick T. Knickerbocker
Associate Director for Economic Programs

Thomas L. Mesenbourg
Assistant Director for Economic Programs

Mark E. Wallace
Chief, Service Sector
Statistics Division

This report was prepared in the Service Sector Statistics Division under the direction of Thomas E. Zabelsky, Assistant Division Chief for Current Service and Transportation Programs. Planning, implementation, and compiling of this report were under the supervision of John L. Fowler, Chief, Commodity Flow Survey Branch, assisted by Bruce Dembroski, Marilyn Quiles Amaya, Debra Corbett, Shirley Gray, Stephanie Groth, Michael Jones, Mabel Ocasio, Bonnie Opalko, Joyce Price, and Barbara Selinske.

Sample design and statistical methodology were developed under the direction of Ruth E. Detlefsen, Assistant Division Chief, Research and Methodology. Sample design and estimation were developed under the supervision of Jock Black, Chief, Program Research and Development Branch, assisted by William C. Davie Jr., Jacklyn R. Jonas, Brett Moore, M. Cristina Cruz, and Michael Beaghen. Frame construction, status change, editing, and imputation procedures were developed under the supervision of Carol King, Chief, Statistical Methods Branch, assisted by David Kinyon, Anthony Myers, and Quatracia Williams.

The processing system and computer programs were developed and implemented by the Economic Statistical Methods and Programming Division, under the direction of Barry F. Sessamen, Assistant Division Chief for Post Collection, assisted by Steven G. McCraith, Chief, Census Related Surveys Branch, Joy McLaughlin, John Nelson, Duc-Mong Nguyen, and Edna Vega. The Systems Support Division provided the table composition system. Robert Joseph Brown, Table Image Processing System (TIPS) Senior Software Engineer, was responsible for the design and development of the TIPS, under the supervision of Robert J. Bateman, Assistant Division Chief, Information Systems.

Coordination of data collection efforts was under the direction of National Processing Center, Judith N. Petty, Chief, assisted by Carlene Bottorff, Linda Broadus, Sandra Hurst, Debbie Woods, Debbie Hamilton, and Michael Lutz.

Margaret A. Smith and Michael T. Browne of the Administrative and Customer Services Division, Walter C. Odom, Chief, provided publications and printing management, graphics design and composition, and editorial review for print and electronic media. General direction and production management were provided by James R. Clark, Assistant Division Chief, and Susan L. Rappa, Chief, Publications Services Branch.

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) of the Department of Transportation played a major role in all aspects of the Commodity Flow Survey. Jack Wells, Chief Economist, assisted with program planning and oversight. Survey methodology, design, and implementation were conducted under the direction of Michael P. Cohen, Assistant Director for Survey Programs assisted by BTS staff: Mike Margreta, Ronald J. Duych, Joy Sharp, Julie Smith, Irwin Silberman, Promod Chandhok, Hossain Sanjani, and Scott Dennis. Felix Ammah-Tagoe and Adhi Dipo of MacroSys Research and Technology assisted BTS in various aspects of the survey. Frank Southworth, Shih-Miao Chin, and Bruce Peterson of Oak Ridge National Laboratory, provided support to BTS staff in performing the mileage calculations for the survey.

Special acknowledgment is also due to the many businesses whose cooperation has contributed to the publication of these data.