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U.S. Department of Transportation

Norman Y. Mineta


Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Rick Kowalewski

Deputy Director

John V. Wells

Chief Economist

William J. Chang

Associate Director for Information Systems

Jeremy Wu

Acting Chief Statistician

Produced under the direction of:

Sharon Durant

Office of Survey Programs,

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Major contributors:

Margaret Sweeney

Dawn Tucker

Other contributors:

Jonaki Bose

Sharon Durant

Lee Giesbrecht

Michele Janis

June Jones

Neil Russell

Hossain Sanjani

Special acknowledgment and thanks to:

John Benison

Director, DOT Disability Resource Center

Bryna Helfer

Former Director, Project ACTION

(Accessible Community Transportation in our Nation)

Alan Abeson

Director, Project ACTION

Marc Brenman

Office of Civil Rights

U.S. Department of Transportation


Chip Moore

Report layout and production:

Dorinda Edmondson

Bureau of Transportation Statistics

Our mission: To lead in developing transportation data and information of high quality and to advance their effective use in both public and private transportation decisionmaking.

Our vision for the future: Data and information of high quality supporting every significant transportation policy decision, thus advancing the quality of life and the economic well-being of all Americans.

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Recommended citation

U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics,

Freedom to Travel, BTS03-08

(Washington, DC: 2003).

All material contained in this report is in the public domain and may be used and reprinted without special permission; source citation is required.

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