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Figure 7 Value Per Ton of U.S. Freight Shipments by Transportation Mode: 1993 and 2002*

Figure 7
Value Per Ton of U.S. Freight Shipments by Transportation Mode: 1993 and 2002*

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Mode of Transporation Year
1993 2002
All modes 539 661
Air-truck 55,600 74,959
Multimodal 2,883 5,203
Truck 644 724
Water 291 370
Rail 176 205
Pipeline 196 172
Other 449 746

KEY: * 2002 data are preliminary.

NOTE: The data are plotted on a log scale. Data that span a wide range are often plotted on a log scale to display variations at the low end as clearly as variations at the high end. For example, this figure would not show any detail below $1,000 per ton if it had used the familiar linear scale. Multimodal includes the traditional intermodal combination of truck and rail plus truck and water; rail and water; parcel, postal, and courier service; and other intermodal combinations. The data in this figure include the Bureau of Transportation Statistics estimates of out-of-scope missing pieces. These estimates cover logging, farm-based truck shipments, truck imports from Canada and Mexico, rail imports from Canada and Mexico, air cargo imports and exports, water imports and exports, and pipeline crude and petroleum products shipments. These estimates exclude other out-of-scope categories of goods movements for which no reasonable basis for an estimate currently exists including, government shipments, service sector, retail sector, construction sector, transportation service providers, household goods movement, and municipal solid waste.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, based on 1993 and preliminary 2002 Commodity Flow Survey data plus additional estimates from Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Updated: Saturday, May 20, 2017