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Journal of Transportation and Statistics

Journal of Transportation and Statistics

Guidelines for Manuscript Submission

Send all submission materials to

Marsha Fenn, Managing Editor
Journal of Transportation and Statistics
Bureau of Transportation Statistics
US Department of Transportation
400 7th Street SW, Room 7412, K15
Washington, DC 20590

Manuscripts must be double spaced, including quotations, abstract, reference section, and any notes. All figures and tables should appear at the end of the manuscript, with each one on a separate page-do not embed them in your manuscript.

The cover page should include the title of the manuscript, author name(s), and the telephone number and surface and email address of the contact author. The second page should contain a 100-word abstract briefly describing the contents of the paper, the research method, and the results.

Graphic elements (figures and tables) must be called out in the text. Graphic elements must be in black ink although exceptions may be made in certain cases.

References follow the style outlined in the Chicago Manual of Style. All non-original material must be sourced.

Accepted papers must be submitted electronically in addition to a hard copy. Make sure the hard copy corresponds to the electronic version. Authors will be required to return article page proofs to the Managing Editor within 48 hours of their receipt.

Acceptable software for text and equations is limited to Word, WordPerfect, and LaTeX. Data behind all figures, maps, and charts must be provided in Excel, Word, or DeltaGraph. Data in ASCII text will be accepted but is less desirable. Acceptable software for graphic elements is limited to Excel, DeltaGraph, or Adobe Illustrator. If other software is used, the file supplied must have an .eps or .pdf extension. We do not accept PowerPoint.

Maps are accepted in a variety of GIS programs. Please save your GIS files using the following extensions: .eps or .pdf. If this is not possible, maps may be provided in ArcView3.x project files (.apr), ArcGIS 8.x map files (.mxd), or Arc/Info metafiles (.map). Files using the .apr or .mxd extensions can be supplied on a CD-ROM.

Updated: Saturday, May 20, 2017