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Table 2 - Transportation Factors by Mode

Table 2 - Transportation Factors by Mode

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  Automobile Transit Walking Bicycling
Impedance factors        
Distance X X X X
In-vehicle time X X    
Out-of-vehicle time X X X X
Cost X X    
Topography     X X
Level-of-service factors        
Volume/crowding X X X X
Signalization X X X X
Service frequency   X    
Hours of operation   X    
Directness of route X X X X
Continuity of route X X X X
Information availability   X    
Signage X X X X
Facility widths X   X X
Vehicle design X X   X
Shelter   X X X
Benches   X X  
Terminal factors        
Parking availability X X   X
Parking cost X X    
Terminal locations   X    
Intermodal connections   X X X
Terminal design X X X X
Comfort factors        
Traffic speed X X X X
Traffic volume X X X X
Pavement condition X X X X
Lighting X X X X
Weather X X X X
Shade   X X X
Scenery X X X X
Crime/police presence   X X X
Cleanliness   X X X
Conflicts with other modes X X X X
Other users X X X X
Updated: Saturday, May 20, 2017