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Table 2-8: Reporting Thresholds for Property Damage by U.S. Department of Transportation Modal Administrations

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Modal administration Reporting threshold
Federal Aviation Administration More than $25,000 damage to property other than the aircraft.
Federal Highway Administration None; each state defines its own threshold and FHWA collects state reports.
Federal Railroad Administration More than $9,500 in damages to railroad on-track equipment, signals, track, track structures, and roadbed for accidents other than at grade-crossings.  No threshold for grade-crossing accidents.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration   None; property-damage-only crashes are recorded through the General Estimates System, a nationally representative sample of police-reported crashes of all severities.
Federal Transit Administration More than $25,000.
Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration  More than $50,000 for gas pipelines.
More than $50,000 for hazardous liquid pipelines.
U. S. Coast Guard More than $25,000 for commercial vessels.
More than $2,000 or complete loss of vessel for recreational boats.


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