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Data Converter

Data Converter

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) has developed a Data Converter (EXE-528KB) for use with the National Transportation Atlas Data (NTAD) and North American Transportation Atlas Data (NORTAD). The Data Converter run Windows 95/NT. The Data Converter reads NTAD and NORTAD data files and converts it for use into several common Geographic Information Systems (GIS) formats: ArcView, ARC/INFO generate, Caliper (TransCAD/GISPlus/Maptitude), Intergraph, LandView and MapInfo. The Data Converter only converts the base NTAD files; the attribute files must be linked separately from the GIS. Refer to the metadata for each database to determine the key field that links the attributes.

For users not having a GIS, BTS recommends downloading the LandView III software from one of the following websites:

The mapping software in LandView III is an adaptation of Mapping Application for Response, Planning, and Local Operational Tasks (MARPLOT), part of the Computer-Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO) system. MARPLOT was developed by the Hazardous Materials Response and Assessment Division of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The database software LandView III was developed at the EPA Chemical Emergency Preparedness and Prevention Office.

Landview III is free when downloaded from the Right to Know Network and is available from Census for $99 per compact disc (CD). Each CD contains geographic data from TIGER/Line 95. The Census website also includes technical documentation and a tutorial.

Updated: Saturday, May 20, 2017