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Number of Employees: Passenger Airlines, 2001-2005

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Number of Employees: Passenger Airlines, 2001-2005

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July Network Carriers Low-Cost Carriers Total (excluding Regional and Other Carriers) Regional Carriers Other Carriers Total
2001 465,198 69,569 534,767
2002 394,686 71,263 465,949
2003 332,376 74,025 406,401 44,280 8,277 458,958
2004 325,436 75,994 401,430 58,038 12,668 472,136
2005 308,714 75,145 383,859 60,738 13,631 458,228

Note: Includes the total of full-time and part-time employees. Airlines that operate at least one aircraft with the capability to carry combined passengers, cargo and fuel of 18,000 pounds must report monthly employment statistics. The "other carrier" category generally reflects those airlines that operate within specific niche markets, such as Aloha and Hawaiian Airlines that serve the Hawaiian Islands.

Source: U.S. Department of Transportation, Research and Innovative Technology Administration, Bureau of Transportation Statistics. as of Nov. 21, 2005