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Table 3-13: Foreign and Domestic Waterborne Shipments to Florida by Commodity: 2000

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Table 3-13: Foreign and Domestic Waterborne Shipments to Florida by Commodity: 2000

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Commodity Short tons Percent of total
Total 96,416,509 100.0
Petroleum products 51,220,222 53.1
Chemicals excluding fertilizers 6,653,668 6.9
Primary nonmetal products 6,430,649 6.7
Sand, gravel, shells, clay, salt, and slag 6,217,751 6.4
Food and food products 2,745,036 2.8
Manufactured goods 2,570,916 2.7
Coal, lignite, and coal coke 1,598,263 1.7
Primary metal products 1,378,204 1.4
Lumber, logs, wood chips, and pulp 611,007 0.6
Chemical fertilizers 201,554 0.2
Nonferrous ores and scrap 37,850 <0.1
Iron ore, iron, and steel waste and scrap 9,106 <0.1
Unknown and not elsewhere classified products2 16,742,283 17.4

1 "Domestic" includes intrastate shipments.

2 To protect confidentiality if three or more vessel operating companies do not carry a particular commodity from a state of origin to a state of destination, then that commodity is reclassified to "unknown and not elsewhere classified products."

SOURCE FOR DATA ON THIS PAGE: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Waterborne Commerce Statistics Center, State to State and Region to Region Commodity Tonnages, Public Domain database, available at as of Oct. 30, 2001.