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Louisiana Fast Facts 2000

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Louisiana Fast Facts 2000

Transportation System Extent

All public roads: 60,900 miles

Interstate: 894 miles

Road bridges: 13,485

Class I railroad trackage: 2,656 miles

Inland waterways: 2,823 miles

Public use airports: 77 (13 certificated for air carrier operations)1

Vehicles and Conveyances

Automobiles registered: 2.0 million

Light trucks registered: 1.5 million

Heavy trucks registered: 32,000

Buses registered: 21,000

Motorcycles registered: 48,000

Rail transit systems: 1 light rail

Numbered boats: 314,000


Land area: 43,562 sq. miles (rank: 33)

Percent of land area owned by federal government: 4.02 (rank: 31)

Persons per square mile: 102.6 (rank: 22)

Highest point: Driskill Mountain (535 ft.)

Lowest point: New Orleans (-8 ft.)

Political Subdivisions

Parishes: 64

Municipal governments: 3023

Congressional districts: 74


Population: 4,468,976 (rank: 22)

Percent urban population: 685 (rank: 27)


Gross state product: $129 billion2 (rank: 24)

Civilian labor force: 2.0 million2 (rank: 24)

Median household income: $30,219 (rank: 49)

Commuting (percent of workers)

Car, truck, or vandrove alone: 79.8

Car, truck, or vancarpooled: 11.4

Public transportation (including taxi): 2.6

Walked: 1.9

Other means: 2.3

Worked at home: 2.0

State Transportation Department

Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LaDOTD)

1201 Capitol Access Road

Baton Rouge, LA 70802-4438

(225) 379-1100




4 Apportionment based on 2000 census