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Table 1-2: Public Roads in Minnesota by Ownership: 2000

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Table 1-2: Public Roads in Minnesota by Ownership: 2000

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  National Highway System Other federal-aid highway Nonfederal-aid highway Total
Total 3,967 27,464 100,821 132,253
State highway agency 3,921 7,979 28 11,928
County 40 17,499 27,835 45,374
Town, township, municipal 6 1,867 69,777 71,650
Other jurisdiction1 Z 2 1,274 1,276
Federal agency2 Z 117 1,907 2,024

1 Includes state park, state toll, other state agency, other local agency, and roadways not identified by ownership.

2 Roadways in federal parks, forests, and reservations that are not part of the state and local highway systems.

KEY: Z = zero or less than 1 unit of measure.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Highway Statistics, Washington, DC: annual editions, table HM-14, available at as of Feb. 1, 2002.