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Transportation Energy Consumption (monthly data, not seasonally adjusted)

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Transportation Energy Consumption (monthly data, not seasonally adjusted). If you are a user with a disability and cannot view this image, please call 800-853-1351 or email answers@bts.gov for further assistance.

Transportation accounts for about 28 percent of U.S. energy consumption. Petroleum accounts for nearly all (about 97 percent) of the transportation sectors energy use. Petroleum is a major component of transportation costs, and its usage affects the environment. Because more than half of the U.S. petroleum supply is imported, there are also national security concerns for assuring petroleum supplies.

Transportation Energy Consumption Feb-01 Feb-02
Quadrillion BTU  2.07  1.99
Percent change from same month previous year -0.48 -3.63

NOTE: The current value is compared to the value from the same period in the previous year to account for seasonality.

One quadrillion is equal to one billion million.

A trendline has been provided for transportation energy consumption. The trend has been calculated through a statistical procedure called Structural Modeling, in which the time series under study is decomposed into seasonal, trend and irregular components. For further information on this statistical procedure, see: S.J. Koopman, et al., Structural Time Series Analyser, Modeller And Predictor (STAMP), London: Timberlake Consultants Ltd., 2000.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Information Administration, Monthly Energy Review, available at: http://www.eia.doe.gov/mer.

Updated: Saturday, May 20, 2017