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Southwest Border Apprehensions

Southwest Border Apprehensions

SouthWest Border Apprehensions (monthly data)

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SouthWest Border Apprehensions (monthly data). If you are a user with a disability and cannot view this image, please call 800-853-1351 or email answers@bts.gov for further assistance.

The U.S. Border Patrol seeks to prevent illegal entry into the United States along the 8,000 miles of land and water boundaries of the Unitec States between ports of entry.

The southwest border voers four states: California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

The voluntary returns program allows aliens to enter an agreement to leave the United States of their own volition to avoid further consequences.

SouthWest Border Apprehensions Apr-01 Apr-02
Southwest Border apprehensions 142,813 127,920
Percent change from same month previous year  -20.68  -10.43
Southwest Border voluntary returns 138,789 117,127
Percent change from same month previous year  -21.40  -15.61

NOTE: The current value is compared to the value from the same period in the previous year to account for seasonality.

SOURCE: U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service, available at: http://www.ins.gov/graphics/aboutins/statistics/index.htm.

Updated: Saturday, May 20, 2017