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Figure 1 Value Added by Transportation Mode and Year (Current dollars)

Friday, February 19, 2016

Graphic Version | Excel

  Mode Value-added (billions of dollars) Share of GDP
In-house (a) HPTS 295.59 1.79%
Water 3.28 0.02%
Rail 0.16 0.00%
Air 27.66 0.17%
Other NA NA
Truck 172.09 1.04%
For-hire (b) HPTS NA NA
Water 13.42 0.08%
Rail 38.61 0.23%
Air 77.59 0.47%
Other (c) 218.91 1.32%
Truck 123.04 0.74%
Total For-hire   471.57 2.85%
Total In-house   203.19 1.23%
All transportation   970.35 5.87%
GDP (d)   16,540 100.00%
GDP less transportation (d)   15,570 94.13%

NOTES: (a) In-house transportation consists of the services provided by non-transportation industries, including households, for their use. Business in-house transportation includes privately owned and operated vehicles of all body types, used primarily on public rights of way, and the supportive services to store, maintain, and operate those vehicles. Household transportation covers transportation provided by households for their own use through the use of an automobile. (b) For-hire transportation consists of the services provided by transportation firms to industries and the public on a fee-basis. (c) Other for-hire transportation includes: pipeline, transit and ground passenger transportation, including State and local government passenger transit; sightseeing transportation and transportation support; courier and messenger services; and warehousing and storage. (d) Gross domestic product (GDP) increased from value reported by the Bureau of Economic Analysis in I-O use table by total output from the household production of transportation services.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Transportation Satellite Accounts, available at, as of Aug. 2015.