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TABLE D-5 Amtrak Hours of Delay by Cause: 2000-2005

TABLE D-5 Amtrak Hours of Delay by Cause: 2000-2005

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  Amtrak Host railroad Other Total
2000 23,337 43,881 3,176 70,396
2001 27,822 52,273 3,741 83,837
2002 26,575 55,090 4,266 85,932
2003 25,711 57,346 5,355 88,413
2004 28,328 61,256 5,577 95,162
2005 25,549 64,097 5,613 95,259

NOTES: Data may not add to total because of independent rounding. Data not collected prior to 2000. Amtrak includes all delays when operating on Amtrak-owned tracks and delays for equipment or engine failure, passenger handling, holding for connections, train servicing, and mail/baggage handling when on tracks of a host railroad.

Host railroad includes all operating delays not attributable to Amtrak when operating on tracks of a host railroad, such as track- and signal-related delays, power failures, freight and commuter train interference, and routing delays. Also includes delays for track repairs/track conditions, freight train interference, and signal delays.

Other includes delays not attributable to Amtrak or host railroads, such as customs and immigrations, law enforcement action, weather, or waiting for scheduled departure time.

SOURCES: 2000-2005-Amtrak, personal communication, November 2006.

Updated: Saturday, May 20, 2017