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Two Decades of Change in Transportation

While the 1994 and the latest editions of the Transportation Statistics Annual Report have different chapter titles and structure, they cover the same basic set of topics: extent, use, condition, and performance of the system; economic aspects of transportation; safety; energy and the environment; and the state of transportation statistics. (Table 1 highlights some of these topics.) The 1994 edition included a special section on disruptions to the transportation network by the 1993 floods that ranged from North Dakota to Missouri. Subsequent editions included large feature sections on economic performance of transportation (1995), transportation and the environment (1996), mobility and access (1997), and long-distance travel and freight (1998). Freight Facts and Figures and Passenger Travel Facts and Figures supplement the most recent editions. While these feature sections and the Facts and Figures series reflect varying emphases over time, they also reflect the longevity of basic issues and conditions in transportation.

Updated: Saturday, May 20, 2017