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Table 3-2 Top Commodities by Weight and Value: 2015


Weight Millions of Tons
Natural gas, coke, asphalt1 2,647
Gravel 1,820
Gasoline 1,227
Cereal grains 1,099
Nonmetal mineral products 1,073
Fuel oils 1,054
Coal 1,001
Crude petroleum 903
Other foodstuffs 704
Waste/scrap 653
Total, all commodities 18,056
Value Billions of 2012 Dollars
Electronics $1,673
Motorized vehicles $1,467
Mixed freight $1,458
Machinery $1,148
Gasoline $1,129
Natural gas, coke, asphalt1 $938
Pharmaceuticals $903
Fuel Oils $853
Miscellaneous manufacturing products $791
Other foodstuffs $710
Total, all commodities $19,249

1This group includes coal and petroleum products not elsewhere classified such as liquefied natural gas, coke, asphalt, and other products of coal and petroleum refining, excluding gasoline, aviation fuel, and fuel oil.

SOURCE: U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), Bureau of Transportation Statistics, and USDOT, Federal Highway Administration, Office of Freight Management and Operations, Freight Analysis Framework, version 4, March 2016

Updated: Saturday, May 20, 2017