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High Function Roads with Poor Pavement Condition Rural v. Urban 2011 2019 2020


A bar chart showing the percentage of high-function roads with poor pavement condition for rural and urban areas in 2011, 2019, and 2020. The total percentage of miles of high-function roads with poor pavement condition in urban areas were 20 percent across 2011 all three years, while rural roads averaged about 5 percent.

Dataset Table:


In the above figure, the higher functionally classified roads in the urban category include interstates, other freeways and expressways, other principal arterials, and minor arterials for the entire road network. For the rural classified roads, the functional classification includes interstates and other principal arterials including those for Puerto Rico. No data were reported for 2010 due to a change in the data model, so the data reported for 2011 were used for this period. Poor condition is defined as any pavement with an IRI value greater than 170 inches/mile. 


U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Highway Statistics, table HM-64, available at as of September 2023.