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Targeted Survey

The Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) develops targeted surveys to address transportation issues of special interest populations (i.e. elderly, pedestrians, etc...) identified by U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) agencies.

Targeted surveys may use telephone interviews, just like the Omnibus Survey does. But they also may use other data collection methods, such as focus groups, intercept surveys, mailout/mailback questionnaires, or web-based surveys.

A fundamental difference between the Omnibus Survey and the targeted surveys is in the data collection cycle. While the Omnibus Survey collects data each month and therefore can provide a "moving picture" of transportation use in this country, the targeted surveys usually occur one time only, and therefore yield a "snapshot" of transportation use by the special interest populations. Some targeted surveys may be repeated a year or two later.

BTS develops content for these surveys based on requests (and funding) from the other DOT administrations, or in order to fill a transportation "data gap" identified by the BTS.

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