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American Travel Survey

The 1995 American Travel Survey (ATS) was conducted by the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) to obtain information about the long-distance travel of persons living in the United States. The survey collected quarterly information related to the characteristics of persons, households, and trips of 100 miles or more for approximately 80,000 American households.

The ATS data provide detailed information on state-to-state travel as well as travel to and from metropolitan areas by mode of transportation. Data are also available for subgroups defined in terms of characteristics related to travel, such as trip purpose, age, family type, income, and a variety of related characteristics. The data can be analyzed at the regional, state, metropolitan area, and county level.

NOTE: In 2001, the National Household Travel Survey was carried out. This new survey is a combined Nationwide Personal Transportation Survey (NPTS) and ATS. Visit the National Household Travel Survey web site for more details.

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Updated: Friday, February 8, 2019