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Hazardous Material Shipments by Selected State of Destination

(Ranked by tons)

StateValue ($ millions)Tons (thousands)Ton-miles (millions)
Texas 804,751919,63464,672
California 157,704164,82932,530
Louisiana 126,128153,88610,417
Illinois 109,044120,21315,468
Connecticut 83,38790,3752,493
Florida 83,42186,55221,187
New Jersey 55,36261,4168,317
Ohio 58,05160,8348,365
Indiana 50,03954,9213,402
New York 54,86654,1168,788
Oklahoma 46,20052,3254,216
Washington 44,51151,8884,215
Pennsylvania 44,62350,5497,793
Massachusetts 45,76544,1761,976
Michigan 37,94840,0266,082
Georgia 36,62337,9166,290
Minnesota 28,41933,4763,163
Tennessee 28,97131,8298,896
North Carolina 30,88831,565S
Mississippi 26,27030,1823,389
United States, total2,334,4252,580,153307,524

Selected states shown had the highest estimated weight without considering sampling variability and are shown in descending order. Since an “All other states” line is not shown, estimates do not add to total. Ton-miles estimates are based on estimated distances traveled along a modeled transportation network. Value-of-shipments estimates have not been adjusted for price changes. For more information, visit


S = Estimate does not meet publication standards because of high sampling variability or poor response quality.


U.S. Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics and U.S. Department of Commerce, U.S. Census Bureau, Commodity Flow Survey, Hazardous Materials, table 5b, Hazardous Material Shipment Characteristics by Selected State of Destination, available at as of July 2015.