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United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

May-June-July-August-September 2017 Regularly Scheduled Flights with More than 50% Delayed Arrivals of More than 30 Minutes

Dataset Table:

Carrier Flight Number Month Origin-Destin. Airports Scheduled Departure Time Number of Operations Reported* Number of Flight Operations Not Arriving On Time** Percent of Flight Operations Not Arriving On Time** Average Number of Minutes Late***
Spirit 140 May MCO-EWR 1424 31 20 64.52 83
Spirit 140 Jun MCO-EWR 1410 30 21 70.00 79
Spirit 140 Jul MCO-EWR 1400 31 18 58.06 102
Spirit 140 Aug MCO-EWR 1401 31 18 58.06 82
Spirit 140 Sep MCO-EWR 1428 30 19 63.33 78


* Includes canceled and diverted flights

** For flights late more than 30 minutes only. Excludes canceled and diverted flights


Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Airline On-Time Data