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Top 10 Countries Sending Tourists to the United States: 2000 and 2014



Blue shading denotes largest percent change. Beginning in 2014, overseas data include one-night stay travelers.

aArrivals for 2014 excludes Hong Kong.


Travelers from countries outside of North America accounted for 46.1 percent of international visitation in 2014. The top tourist-generating countries outside North America were the United Kingdom (5.3 percent), Japan (4.8 percent), Brazil (3.0 percent), and China (2.9 percent). Combined with Canada and Mexico, these six markets accounted for 70.0 percent of all 2014 international visits. In 2000 China was the 24th largest market for international visitors to the United States. By 2014 visitation from China increased by over 700 percent, and the country is now the 6th largest market.


U.S. Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration, Office of Travel & Tourism Industries, International Visita­tion in the United States, available at as of March 2016.