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Transit Incidents, Fatalities, Injuries, and Property Damage, All Transit Modes

Embedded Dataset Excel:


Collision includes at-grade crossings excluding suicides. Noncollision includes: 1) derailments; 2) personal casualties in parking facilities, inside vehicles, on right of way, boarding/alighting, and in station/bus stops; 3) evacuations for life safety; and 4) nonarson fires. For an incident to be reportable it must involve a transit vehicle or occur on transit property and either: 1) result in a fatality, injury or transit property damage greater than $25,000; 2) involve a nonarson fire; 3) involve a mainline derailment; or 4) involve an evacuation due to life safety 5) involve an act of God 6) involve a Hazardous Material Spill. Data are compiled from Federal Transit Administration's National Transit Database and Federal Railroad Administration's Rail Accident/Incident Reporting System.


1 Increase in property damage due to Hurricane Sandy.


U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Transit Adminstration, personal communication as of August 2015.