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Creating Data Management Plans for Intramural Research

Getting DMP Help at U.S. DOT

Data Management Plans (DMPs) for USDOT intramural research must address all five (5) areas below. If you need assistance creating DMPs for your research programs and projects, contact us at to set up an appointment.


Creating Data Management Plans for Extramural Research

This page serves to provide guidance for how to prepare a Data Management Plan (DMP). The guidance outlined here does not constitute an approved government form or template. Those preparing DMPs for submission to the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) should use their best judgment in...

Data Repositories Conformant with the DOT Public Access Plan

Researchers are encouraged to use publicly accessible repositories for the deposit of their data, where appropriate and available.

Conformant Repositories

The list is updated as needed.

Carnegie Mellon University KiltHub -- -- [Reviewed 2021-...