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Number 203 - Passenger Origin-Destination Survey Treatment of Total Dollar Value of Ticket

Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Office of Airline Information
Number 203
Issue Date: June 14, 1996
Effective Date: June 7, 1996
Part 241, Section: 19-7


Because of the recent offerings of around-the-world services, the Office of Airline Information is expanding by one position the field entitled "Total Dollar Value of Ticket" to accommodate current charges. This field will now be a five position numeric field.


As a reminder, those carriers that are unable to apply the proper fare value of a ticket, must insert 99999 (all nines) in the dollar value of ticket to serve as a pseudo-code that will permit the Department to distinguish "contract bulk fare tickets."


These changes go into effect July 1, 1996, and will be reflected in the O&D data submitted for the third quarter 1996 reports.

This directive is issued under authority delegated in 14 CFR 385.27(b).

If you have any questions in this matter please contact Mr. Bernie Stankus on (202) 366-4387.

Timothy E. Carmody
Timothy E. Carmody
Acting Director