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Number 242 - Total Dollar Value of Ticket as Reported in The Passenger Origin-destination Survey Report

Department of Transportation, Bureau of Transportation Statistics, Office of Airline Information
Issue Date: February 15, 2000
Effective Date:Immediately
Part: 241.19-7

This directive applies to U.S. and foreign air carriers that submit the Passenger Origin-Destination Survey Report.

In response to the recent steep increases in aviation fuel, some airlines have started assessing fuel surcharges to their passengers. This directive reminds the airlines that these fuel surcharges are to be included in the "Total Dollar Value of Ticket" that is reported in the Passenger Origin-destination Survey report.

"Total dollar value of ticket" is the sum of the passenger fare plus any and all taxes, fees and charges for the entire ticketed itinerary. This value is expressed in U.S. dollars, with the cents dropped. For group tickets, the amount is the average per passenger. In addition to fuel surcharges, passenger facility charges and security surcharges are considered part of the passenger fare.

If you have any questions in this matter, please contact Mr. Bernie Stankus at (202) 366-4387.

Timothy E. Carmody
Timothy E. Carmody